More Dedicated than a Dedicated Lead Scanner

When it comes to collecting sales data at trade shows, mobile phones and tablets can do a far better job than any dedicated lead scanner. Lead Retrieval Apps Are Better

There are lots of reasons. Here’s a quick half-dozen:

  1. A mobile phone is a technological marvel. According to author and physicist Michio Kaku, “Today, your cell phone has more computer power than all of NASA back in 1969 when it sent two astronauts to the moon.”
  2. Sales leads originate in many places at a trade show, not just on the show floor. Wherever exhibitors and attendees interact, there is an opportunity for a sales lead: At receptions, seminars, golf outings, cocktail lounges, coffee breaks. What’s best for recording these leads? C’mon, you know.
  3. A prospect may not have a business card, but it is a sure bet that an exhibitor will have a mobile phone at all times.
  4. Given the right phone and the right lead retrieval software, voice-to-text notes can be quickly created.
  5. Run into a current customer? Why not ask for an on-the-spot testimonial? Yes, your iLeads app can record that as video, audio and text.
  6. Your leads will always be with you ‘cause they’re in the cloud, not just on your device.

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  • All of the clients I have ever worked with have used the RFID scanners that look like phones but they are quite limited to the amount of lead qualification.
    I didn’t realize you could do the voice to text notes. That would be a huge help for the sales team to understand the situation when it comes time to follow up. Does the show have to decide to use your app or can any exhibitor choose to use your technology at any show?

  • Thank you! We have found that exhibitors love the voice-to-text notes, it helps sales prioritize their lead follow-up for sure. Here’s a short video about it you may like:

    You are correct – our iLeads system will only work if we are selected as the official lead retrieval vendor. We need to receive the attendee database–and if we are not the official vendor, they will not release this information.

    If you are an exhibitor and your shows don’t offer iLeads, send us the name of the event and the name of the show organizer. We will let the organizer know of your interest. Click here:

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