Liz Mazei

Elizabeth Mazei

President & CEO

Elizabeth Mazei attended both the University of California and Hofstra University, earning both a BA and a Graduate Degree in business. Since 1994, Liz has been a driving force behind Bartizan's lead retrieval, session data capture and RFID product's development and services. She opened European data collection accounts for an international credit card company where being conversant in the French language was beneficial. She serves on the board of a Canadian based firm and has partnered with leading federal and regional governmental agencies and companies to provide solutions. Liz managed Bartizan's relationship with the Dept. of Justice on security systems and the Dept. of Labor on data tracking reports. Liz's most recent goal was to get the most out of's revolutionary Cloud Technology. She is the moving force behind our project to integrate LeadsLightning with In the near future, Bartizan will offer its customers reliable and seamless integration of Bartizan's data collection capabilities with's advanced CRM systems.

Engineering & R&D

Ayman Ahmed

Ayman Ahmed

Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

What would a technology company be without a Chief Technology Officer at the helm? And Ayman is one gem of a CTO! Always vigilant to maintain a balance of innovation and production, Ayman is often the idea man, yet he manages and inspires a team of hardware and software engineers to develop even better ideas. Weighing each option with thoughtful consideration, Ayman selects technological directions for the company that will yield the most benefit. He is usually in the building for long hours and works on Ayman time - hours and days on end when he knows he is at his most productive. Driven to succeed, Ayman's technical background with his forward-thinking motivation are a rare and valuable combination. Ayman holds a degree in architecture from the University of Alexandria; worked for a year as an architect and then earned a masters degree in computer science from New York Institute of Technology. He joined Bartizan in 1995.

Marketing and Sales

Chris Eisenberg

Chris Eisenberg, CEM

Executive Vice President, Sales & Business Development

Chris spearheads our sales and marketing effort with registration contractors, show producers, associations and consumer shows. He is instrumental in helping customers find the perfect solution, drafting proposals that will serve as a blueprint for Bartizan and customer alike. Chris considers his job to be that of consultant to the customer, offering the best possible solution even if that doesn't include Bartizan. Chris is a member of both the IAEM and NACS. Chris has served as the Chairman of the Southwest Chapter of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE). He earned his law degree from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting & Film from Boston University. Chris is certified in Exhibition Management (CEM), IAEE’s Highest Professional Achievement. Obtaining the CEM shows how committed Chris is to being on the leading edge of the exhibitions and events industry.

Denise Bullis

Denise Bullis

Eastern Division Sales Representative

Denise knows exactly what is needed to produce a successful event. Since 1989 she's helped thousands of customers form relationships and exchange information. Working with registration contractors, show producers, associations and consumer shows she tailors proposals to ensure a successful event. Denise considers gardening, reading, and knitting as some of your favorite leisure activities and is an avid NY Giants fan.

Training and Technical Support

Kerri Guy

Kerri Guy

Technical Support Manager

Bartizan customers and staff alike rely on Kerri for answers to almost any technical question -- from the mundane to the complicated. Her trouble-shooting skills are exemplary and customers continually offer praise about her experience, patience, and skill when addressing customer concerns. Kerri works closely on each AttendTrack account including providing top-notch training and coordinating customer placement and implementation. She is familiar with many computer software programs as well as the intricacies of a computer network. Kerri has been with Bartizan since 1990. She is the primary contact for Bartizan's customer Help Desk and everyone in the office also goes to Kerri's Desk for Help, which she graciously provides at anyone's request. Kerri holds a BS from Manhattan College, New York.


Evelyn Campana

Evelyn Campana

Assistant Controller

With a degree in accounting from Westchester Business Institute, White Plains, NY College, Bronx, NY, Evelyn’s career took a bit of a different turn when she joined Bartizan in 1990. At different times, she’s been committed to different areas, including customer service, manufacturing and accounting. With the completion of her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, she has found a home as the manager of the Accounting department.

Trade, Corporate, Consumer Show Logistics

Breda Meany

Breda Meany

Customer Service & Product Manager

Breda has been at Bartizan since 1997. Skilled in numerous computer software programs, Breda provides support in many areas. Processing rental reservations for lead retrieval products and services is her primary job responsibility and, with that, comes continual communication with lead retrieval and show management customers, management of their accounts, and solving last minute glitches. She is particularly adept at juggling the many shows and interfaces with the production department to ensure that the right products are shipped to the right customers at the right. Breda completed business studies at Technical College and several computer courses at a New York-based school.