Similar to playing chess – any event or trade show needs to be strategically planned. No trade show or event should just be done on pure whim. With everything event and trade show professionals have to do – we’ve pinpointed five essential things you need to remember when planning any event or trade show!

  1. The Goal of Your Event or Trade Show

What is the purpose of your event or trade show? What do you hope to take away from the event? Do you want to drive engagement from current professionals and exhibitors in your industry? Are you hoping to create the go-to trade show or event for event sponsors and vendors? Are you looking at the bigger picture and how you can generate revenue through sponsorship’s and endorsements? What is the ultimate PURPOSE of your next event or trade show?

  1. Spread the Word

How do you plan to spread the word of your next event or trade show? Have you had a trade show in the past and plan to target exhibitors whom you have already worked with? Are you active on social media? Do you plan to do paid marketing efforts whether online or offline? How do you plan to grow the target audience and spread awareness of your next trade show or event?

  1. How Will You WOW?

Whether you plan on having dolphins swimming in a tank between trade show booths, or you intend to provide unique networking opportunities that no other event or trade show in your industry has – how do you plan to separate your event from the rest? How do you plan to keep exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees WOW’d and not yawning?

  1. Where Does Your Help Come From?

Are you planning to leverage current staff members to help make this next trade show or event a success, or are you planning to employ outside solutions? From event and trade show preparations including booth layout and set up, agenda design, event speakers, Wi-Fi connections, and oh so much more –  knowing who and where your help is coming from is definitely one of the most important assignments on your next trade show or event planning check list.

  1. How Will You ENGAGE Your Attendees and Exhibitors?

How will you energize your audience before your next event or trade show with the type of unique opportunity and engagement you provide them. How will you continue to engage event attendees and trade show exhibitors during your event? Will you have live polls (Automated Response System). Will you have gamification? Will you include specific opportunities for exhibitor networking? How will you continue you to delight your exhibitors and attendees after the event through engagement?


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