6 Tips to Stay Energized at Trade Shows

By June 22, 2017Trade Show Tips

The energy at a trade show is enough to keep us awake at our booth on its own, but does that mean we are performing to the best of our ability? Are we creating a pleasant and informative experience for booth visitors? Are we picking up on the subtle hints in conversations about how we can help potential leads? Are we expressing our enjoyment and interest in the products or services offered at our booths? Sometimes, it can feel like an uphill battle to accomplish all of this consistently from the beginning to the end of the show. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Start Light on Caffeine to Avoid a Harder Crash

Be smart with your caffeine choices. If you are a caffeine drinker, you probably experience harder crashes when you have more of it. Knowing this, you can think ahead for your caffeine intake. If you can get by in the early morning with less caffeine and save some for the afternoon crowd, this might help you stay on track more consistently throughout the day. If you need more caffeine later on, it will make a bigger difference

2. Eat Healthy

This is a great way to counter-balance any fatigue as a result of evening parties and social events. Getting a wholesome breakfast at the beginning of each day is an excellent place to start. It might be tempting to overindulge at restaurant outings, or to have a snack for lunch at the show. Make sure to get in several healthy meals when you can. Give your body the nutrition it needs to recover and keep you active.

3. Get Enough Sleep

If you can get 8 hours per night, we applaud you. This might be unlikely, but make sure you get enough sleep to keep you from crashing midday. You will have more fun and your efforts will be more effective at the show when you have a positive mood and can stay focused at your booth. Sure, you can make it by on just a few hours of sleep, but you do not want to seem exhausted at your booth. Don’t rely on the show environment to keep you awake and give you energy. Walk in the door ready to contribute to the energy at the show.

4. Stay Hydrated

This is the easiest tip on our list to follow and it can make a big difference. Often, if we have low energy, we don’t realize when the culprit is simply the fact that there is not enough H2O flowing through our system. Long days and caffeine can contribute to water loss. The Institute of Medicine recommends 3.7 liters for the average male and 2.7 liters for the average female per day. However, this varies greatly depending on things like body mass, activity level, and water content in food and beverages. Just make sure to pay attention to how you are feeling throughout the day. If you notice you are feeling tired, try drinking water. It is handy to keep a water bottle nearby and drink water throughout the day.

5. Reduce Your Stress at the Show

If you don’t watch out for it, the stress you might run into at trade shows can easily ware on you. Make sure to plan ahead! Know the registry process and leave plenty of time to set up for the show. Plan a few outings you know you will enjoy during your free time. Remember, trade shows are just as much social as they are business. Enjoy your opportunity to talk and meet with other like-minded people.

6. Exercise

Keeping an active exercise routine will help you endure the long hours at the show. If you have a regular cardio or exercise routine, finding time to do this while away for the show will keep you feeling your best. At the minimum, consider going on a regular walk and doing some stretches to wake yourself up and prepare for the show.

Following these guidelines will maximize your performance at the event. If staying completely on track with all of this in a trade show environment sounds challenging, this list can still be used as a supplemental guide to help you keep trekking on at the show. Even a few of the tips can make a world of difference. Keep in mind, a couple short term sacrifices at the show can bring even more long term results!


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