In 2010, Bartizan originated lead retrieval for mobile devices with the introduction of iLeads. Using an app for lead retrieval offers many benefits over traditional badge scanner equipment. Particularly for medical show exhibitors, we have found that the booths are larger and there are more sales reps at these events.

Lead Retrieval Medical Conference

iLeads saves money for these exhibitors, typically costing about 30 – 50 percent less than most lead retrieval solutions. Additional iLeads licenses are offered at a steep discount so all reps can collect leads, gather data and add action items and notes to leads. We have had some medical show booths, that purchased 20 licenses, just for one booth! When traditional lead retrieval costs on average $400 a device, equipping each sales rep with lead retrieval for a booth that size would have never been possible.

In the medical profession, having a data-rich tool with access to quick information is particularly useful. iLeads offers live reporting and real-time lead analysis. All lead data are backed up and synched on a secure website. iLeads offers easy, on-the-fly customization so reps can add new product names to product interests while at the show. You can’t do all of these things with traditional lead retrieval equipment.

The versatility of the iLeads environment is also appealing to sales reps, who like to be able to display a product demo using (for example) an iPad, but then immediately launch the iLeads app to collect data on their new customer lead as soon as the demo is finished. iLeads removes multiple steps for sales reps, which allows them to focus on the customer, not the device in their hands.

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