Bill Maher, Bob Dallmeyer and You

On Friday, June 2nd, SWIAEE will host the third annual SWIAEE Bob Dallmeyer Charity Event.

In his 51 year career in the trade show industry, Bob ran some of the most prestigious trade show events and was an icon in the industry. More importantly, he was a mentor and friend to so many in the trade show industry, including me. Bob was the first to answer a call or an email and the first to offer advice.

Bob was also deeply interested in politics.  He and Gary Tufel would host frequent parties to go see Bill Maher live at CBS studios. The parties became a great tradition. Good people, strong drink and hours of talking politics. I never missed them.

So after Bob passed in 2014, Gary and I created this event to honor Bob and to keep the tradition going. And all proceeds from the event go to IAEE’s BOB DALLMEYER EDUCATION FUND.

So please come join us watch Bill Maher live at the CBS studios. You can register here.

And after the show, we will be adjourning to Fiddler’s Bistro for drinks and dinner and much good-hearted discussion.

Hope to see you there.


Chris Eisenberg

Chris Eisenberg is the Senior Vice President at Bartizan Connects.




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