Content Marketing Comes to Trade Shows

By November 24, 2014Trade Show Tips

Designing a trade show booth and program of activities to take place within its walls is challenging for companies. Marketing leaders have to distil their whole approach to fit within a limited space and capture the attention of individuals who are walking the exhibition floor between other compelling booths. This means there is a need for powerful tactics, ones that will make the message come through clearly. These can be adapted from trends taking hold in other types of marketing.

Content Marketing, Live
According to Chief Marketer contributor Dana Drissel, many marketers still rely on trade shows to demonstrate their latest compelling content. This could come as a shock in the digital era, but there is something convincing about receiving an in-person demonstration of a product's benefits, narrated by the marketers behind the campaign. The idea is to create materials that work well self-guided but are even better when given a live showcase.

The source explained there is the potential for exhibitors to combine their mobile devices and insights offered by the staff members into a hybrid presentation that creates a brand story. The combination of facts and figures with the ability to answer any questions immediately is a potent mix, one that may sway visitors to the booth and move them along the customer funnel in a quick fashion. Seeing this opportunity, businesses should ensure their booths and staff members are ready to seize it.

Tablets on the Go
Tablet devices may be a great way for companies to bring digital content into their booths. Visitors to the shows may also be using their iPads and other tablets on the show floor, meaning content designed for them is a trade show checklist item. Their convenience is the reason why they may be catching on with individuals walking the hall – CMSWire contributor David Lavenda explained he is eager to replace his notebook PC with a tablet because it is easier to collect booth handouts without a laptop in his bag.

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