Event Speakers (and you) Can Fly for Less (lots less)

By October 20, 2015Event Organizer Tips


Government spending cuts has contributed to a drop in travel by federal employees.

Speakers at your events may insist on first or business class air travel accommodations or it may simply be your organization’s practice to provide it. Either way, it isn’t going to come cheaply. Now there is a way to delight your speakers without breaking the bank. FairFly is an innovative service that can reduce the cost of air travel by as much as 60%. A very unique feature is that you are free to select any airline, as well as the travel dates and times that suit you best. Incidentally, one of FairFly’s co-founders also co-founded Waze. If you have used Waze, you know how much easier it makes traveling by car. FairFly makes first and business class air travel easier on your budget. Looks like a winner to me.

FairFly’s mobile app is available on Apple’s App Store and on Google Play. To learn more about FairFly, visit http://www.fairfly.com/

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