iLeads Exhibitor Case Study: First Time Using an App for Lead Retrieval

Jerry Brecher is the President/CEO at EndoEvolution, LLC suppliers of automated suturing devices for minimally-invasive surgery. ( He is also a graduate Badge Scanner App Reviewsof Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A longtime exhibitor, most recently he contacted us about the wonderful experience he had with iLeads at the 13th Annual Minimally Invasive Surgery Symposium (MISS) event in March 2013.

When we hear of our customers having great success with our products it is very encouraging. Jerry said iLeads was the best lead retrieval system he ever used.

Here’s our conversation with him about his experience using standard lead systems and his first time using a lead retrieval app, iLeads.

How did you hear about iLeads at your show?

We always use the lead retrieval offered at events. My colleague that arranges our booth ordered it and sent me the email that explained how to set it up on my device.

What did you think when you heard it was an app?

I am a very non-technical person. I use a pocket planner book for the past 30 years to organize my days. I don’t use apps. So I was skeptical and concerned it would be hard to use.

Jerry Brecher, iLeads TestimonialHow was your experience using the iLeads lead retrieval at your show?

What astonished me was how simple it was. Very user-friendly.  Everything about from setup, lead collection to downloading the leads was very easy. Downloading the leads especially was much easier than we are used to. I loved not having to go to the service desk to pick up equipment then wait on line to return it.

What results did you see from using iLeads?

We met with and collected info from at least 1/3 of the attendees. The data was simple and straightforward. It was the best lead retrieval method I’ve ever used. I wish it could be at all my shows because I would prefer using iLeads over any other system.

So there you have it – proof that iLeads is easier than traditional lead retrieval systems. Take iLeads for a test drive today.

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