Integrating Trade Shows, Wellness Programs

By September 9, 2014Trade Show News

For attendees, exhibitors and event organizers alike, a trade show can be a stressful experience. Attendees have a lot of information thrown at them in quick succession, exhibitors are focused on getting the message out about their products and services, and event organizers just want the whole thing to run as smoothly as possible.

With this in mind, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas recently debuted its Stay Well Meetings program, TSNN reported. The goals of the initiative involve focusing on wellness and improving productivity among people staying at the hotel for conferences, trade shows and other professional gatherings.

The approximately 18,000 square-foot Stay Well meeting space is equipped with an air purification system and circadian lighting that syncs with the brain's built-in clock and mimics natural light. Surfaces are coated with a self-cleaning agent known as Well Shield to fend off germs and odors. There are guided meditation sessions, physical activity breaks and a "digital detox" that mandates a break from technology.

Lessons for trade show organizers
You don't need to organize an event at the MGM Grand to integrate health and wellness programs into your trade show.

In a separate TSNN article, Timothy Carter, digital marketing manager for Nimlok, noted that providing drinks and snacks can go a long way in terms of keeping people energized and focused. He also recommended taking the occasional break, "either for a brisk walk around the venue to get some oxygen, or a relaxing sit down at the snack bar."

Relaxation isn't exactly top of mind for attendees aiming to visit as many booths as possible, exhibitors eager to stand out from their competitors or trade show organizers anxious for their events to run smoothly. Whichever category you fall into, make the most of your experience by refusing to let wellness fall by the wayside.

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