How do I check if the event has Wi-Fi?

By December 22, 2014

To successfully upload your leads to the LeadsLightingSM online portal, you must establish an Internet connection, Wi-Fi or cellular. This can be done before, during or after a show. In order to connect to Wi-Fi during the show, you may need to check with show management to see if Wi-Fi is available at your event. Here’s how you check for Wi-Fi if you are using an Apple product:

  • To check for Wi-Fi availability, press the home button on your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad®
  • Tap on the settings icon
  • Tap Wi-Fi Make sure the Wi-Fi is “ON”, if not, use the slide bar to turn on the Wi-Fi Choose an available network from the list and enter the network key to connect.
  • Once connected, press the home button and tap the iLeads icon.

Your leads will now be uploaded to the online portal automatically.

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