Never Met a Man or Woman She Didn’t Like

By March 18, 2015Lew Hoff Perspective

Back in the heyday of the “knuckle-buster”, the once ubiquitous device used to record a credit card transaction at point of sale, Ginny Dignoti was one of Bartizan’s star salespeople. Ginny and her husband, Tom Cooper, were in New York recently. As we talked, I marveled at how Ginny had kept up with former customers, despite having retired some 20 years ago.

But it really should not have come as a surprise, because to Ginny, each of her customers was a friend, a feeling that was reciprocal. Typical of this was the call that I received a year or so ago from a former customer, now retired. “I was speaking with Ginny”, Ray said. “Your name came up, so I thought I’d give you a call “.

It was probably 15 years since Ray and I had last spoken, but Ginny had kept in touch throughout.

Ginny was a fierce advocate for her customers. When in doubt, decisions went the customer’s way. Sometimes that resulted in short-term pain for Bartizan, but invariably it was the right thing to do. More often than not, down the road, Bartizan benefited, as well.

If you are in Omaha in December, two of the local not-to-miss sights are Warren Buffet and Ginny and Tom’s beautiful light-bedecked (25,000 lights! Count ’em) home. They’re in the same neighborhood.

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