Ready to try Bartizan’s New Event App?

Bartizan Connects, the first company to offer a lead retrieval app, is proud to announce the launch of its latest app, Event Program.

Event App BenefitsExhibitor and attendees will have a better experience if their individual needs are met with separate apps. One size does not fit all. Here is a blog post that we wrote on the value of customized user experiences at conferences.

Event Program joins Bartizan’s lead retrieval app iLeads and its session tracking app, iSessions in Bartizan’s suite of apps designed specifically for the Meetings and Events industry.

Event Program lets attendees gain access to personalized schedules, networking, live updates from organizers and much more. Click here to download the Event Program PDF

Learn more about Event Program here

Let us know you’d like a demo or if you’d like to download the apps and test drive them we’ll email you demo codes. Our goal is to simplify the entire process for you.



Offer your attendees an event app, your exhibitors lead retrieval & get help tracking event sessions. Request for Proposal