Take a Bit of Anxiety Out of Conference and Trade Show Travel

By July 28, 2015Trade Show Tips

Packing to attend a trade show or conference can be challenging. My millennial daughter’s approach is to be prepared for any situation, any kind of weather. Orly simply selects a good-sized piece of luggage and fills it to the point of bursting. Two-day trip or a week-long trip, it doesn’t matter. I think that’s ridiculous.

On the other hand, my goal is to take no more than can be accommodated by a carry-on bag. Orly thinks that’s ridiculous.

I’ll readily admit that packing for a trip is more challenging for Orly than it is for me. Let’s start with hair. I have hardly any; she has an abundance, hence her need for hair care products. Still, why carry a hair drier when nearly every hotel room has one? Then there are perfumes, shoes of various hues, make-up, daytime clothes, evening attire…and on and on.

Still and all, with some judicious packing, starting with a packing list, I feel certain that the weight of Orly’s bag or bags could be reduced by half.

When travelling some distance, it is likely that you will encounter different weather conditions. Rather than bring a coat suitable for 50 degree nighttime conditions and clothing that will be comfortable when daytime temperatures reach the mid-70s, bring clothing that you can layer. Under Armour makes clothing that is lightweight and adaptable to a variety of weather conditions.

The key to efficient packing is a check list. You pretty much know your schedule prior to attending a conference or trade show. It should be relatively easy to match your clothing requirements to your schedule. The other items that accompany you – electronics, personal care products, reading material – probably remains pretty much the same, regardless of your destination.

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