My Tradeshow Connections: A Useful Post-Tradeshow Networking Service

Do you wish to extend the life of your trade show attendee and exhibitor interactions?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, face-to-face interactions are more important than ever. As a response to the tradeshow attendees and exhibitors wish to stay connected after the tradeshow is over, Bartizan developed My Tradeshow Connections, a post-tradeshow networking service.  Not only does this tool help customers form relationships and exchange information, it also helps show organizers increase exhibitor attendance and participation at their events.

This free service allows tradeshow attendees to follow up on exhibitors using an innovative software application that compiles exhibitor contact information. Trade show attendees who have their badges scanned using Bartizan’s iLeads lead retrieval will receive free post-show access to the list of the exhibitors they visited at the show. This interactive roster includes exhibitor contact information, personalized sales messages, special show offers and more. Attendees can download this information to share with colleagues and contact exhibitors directly after the event.

My Tradeshow Connections for iLeads

My TradeShow Connections exhibitor list

Attendees can take advantage of this interactive listing immediately following the show. After the show, Bartizan sends an email invitation to attendees to access My Tradeshow Connections. Attendees then click the link in their email invitation to access the information.

My Tradeshow Connections can also generate revenue for event oranizers. At the top of the exhibitors list there is space for banner ads. This highly targeted advertising space can be sold to exhibitors and/or provided to major sponsors as added value to their sponsorship.

My Tradeshow Connections provides an additional opportunity for attendees and exhibitors to connect. When connections are successful, attendees are satisfied and exhibitors are happy. If exhibitors and attendees are satisfied and happy, chances are they’ll be back for your next event.

Contact Bartizan for more information on this service as well Bartizan’s lead retrieval, session tracking and access control.

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