Earlier this week, you may have seen Donald Trump displaying Senator Lindsay Graham’s cell phone number for all the world to see. Some Show Organizers think that their exhibitors will act the same way with their attendees’ contact info. I would strongly disagree.

At a distinct minority of shows, Show Organizers are refusing to give out Attendee contact info to exhibitors when attendees stop by their booths and have their badges scanned. Instead, the only info Show Organizers allow the exhibitors to see is name, company and physical address. And though a physical address is technically contact info, it is completely inadequate in trying to sell a prospect on your product or service. What the attendee info does not include is a phone number or an e-mail address.

An exhibitor is putting a lot of time and effort to exhibit at a show. The cost of an average 10X10 booth at a tradeshow is $2230. Displays and accessories can cost twice that. And what do exhibitors want? They want prospects and leads. Yes, meeting with current customers, networking, and scoping out what their competitors are doing are all worthwhile reasons to go. But what exhibitors really want are leads.

So what are these show organizers afraid of? That the exhibitors will use the e-mail and phone to follow up with these attendees after the show? I would hope not. Why else is the exhibitor paying thousands of dollars to be at the show? Plus, the attendee has opted in to being contacted by allowing their badge to be scanned.

So it must be that these show organizers think exhibitors will act like Donald Trump with their attendees info. Playing fast and loose with it and allowing all the world to see it. Again, I would disagree. Exhibitors should have access to the contact info of attendees who stop by their booth.



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